An Inspector Calls – Quiz


Little quiz here for you! This should help you gauge just how much you know about the play. If you don’t get at least 80%, more revision is probably required! NB: answers are right at the bottom, so don’t scroll down too far on the last question!

1. At the opening of the play, what are the Birlings celebrating?
a. Eric Birling has just secured a huge deal for the factory, which will make them all very rich
b. Mr & Mrs Birling’s diamond wedding anniversary
c. Sheila Birling and Gerald Croft’s engagement.

2. What three things are the main subjects of Mr Birling’s pompous speeches?
a. Food, family & the factory
b. Advances in science, new inventions & the relationship between workers and their bosses
c. The engagement, Mrs Birling’s beauty & an upcoming trip abroad.

3. Who interrupts the dinner party and what news does he/she bring?
a. Eva Smith; she’s come to demand for her job back
b. Daisy Renton; she’s come to look for Gerald
c. Inspector Goole; he brings news of the suicide of Eva Smith

4. What is the reaction of the other guests to Mr Birling’s account of how he treated Eva Smith?
a. Sheila and Eric think their father acted too harshly, but Gerald thinks he was right to react the way he did
b. Gerald is disgusted by Mr Birling’s treatment of the girl, but Sheila and Eric agree with it
c. They all agree that Mr Birling did the right thing.

5. Where was Eva Smith when she encountered Sheila and for what reasons did Sheila have her fired?
a. At Mr Birling’s factory; Sheila had her fired for getting her dress dirty
b. As a shop assistant; Sheila had her fired because she thought Eva was laughing at her & she was jealous of how pretty she was and lost her temper
c. She was working at a theatre and Sheila had her fired because she gave her the wrong change

6. What does Sheila warn Gerald not to do when she realises that he, too, knew Eva Smith/Daisy Renton?
a. She warns him not to talk to the Inspector until he has spoken to his lawyer
b. She warns him that she will not go through with the marriage if he admits to anything
c. She warns him not to hide anything from the Inspector.

7. What does Gerald admit to the Inspector?
a. That he was married to Daisy Renton for 6 months
b. That Daisy Renton was his cleaner for 6 months
c. That Daisy Renton was his mistress for 6 months.

8. How does Sheila feel?
a. She is hurt and angry, but impressed and pleased about Gerald’s open confession
b. She is devastated and vows never to talk to him again
c. She is okay with the situation as she didn’t want to get married to Gerald anyway.

9. What is Mrs Birling’s attitude towards the Inspector?
a. Proud, haughty, supercilious; she attempts to bully the Inspector
b. Sycophantic, smarmy and overly-pleasant; she attempts to charm the Inspector
c. Meek, mild and quiet; she says very little to the Inspector

10. Does Sheila think that her mother is lying or that the Inspector is lying?
a. She thinks the Inspector is lying as she knows her mother is one of the kindest people to have ever walked the Earth
b. She thinks that the Inspector’s claims are well-founded, and that her mother has almost certainly had dealings with Eva Smith/Daisy Renton
c. She’s doesn’t care – she’s devastated that her engagement party has been ruined by this enquiry

11. Why is it ironic that Mrs Birling blames the death of the girl and the unborn child on the father of the child?
a. Because Eric is suspected to be the father of the child, and Mrs Birling is unknowingly making Eric responsible for Eva’s/Daisy’s death
b. It’s not ironic – she’s right!
c. Because Mrs Birling has also had a child out of wedlock.

12. What does Eric confess to?
a. Eric confesses he got the girl pregnant and that he stole money from his father’s firm to support her
b. Nothing – he refuses to talk
c. He confesses that he’s the father, but denies taking any money from the firm

13. Who does he blame for Eva’s death?
a. Gerald Croft
b. Mr Birling
c. Mrs Birling.

14. What is the main theme of the Inspector’s final and rousing speech?
a. Being better husbands/partners to women
b. Social responsibility
c. That they are all arrested

15. What three things happen after the Inspector leave?
a. Gerald punches Eric, they discover that there is no Inspector Goole, they discover that Eva Smith is not dead
b. Mr & Mrs Birling disinherit Eric, they disallow the engagement between Sheila & Gerald, they discover that there is no Inspector Goole after all
c. They discover that there is no Inspector Goole, they discover that Eva is not dead, they get a phone call saying that a girl has died on the way to the infirmary and an Inspector is coming over to talk to them

Answers below:





1c, 2b, 3c, 4a, 5b, 6c, 7c, 8a, 9a, 10b, 11a, 12a, 13c, 14b, 15c

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