Our Top Ten Revision Tips Poster!


We all learn differently, but sometimes even with a preferred way of learning revision can be scary! We all get to a point where we can’t help thinking ‘where do I start? Am I learning in the right way? What should I revise?’

Fortunately York Notes is on the case – we’ve devised a revision format to help you survive your impending GCSE and A Level examinations with our Top 10 Revision Tips!

Download your very own Revision Cards for FREE from the barcode on the poster, or go visit our website for a free print-out, where you’ll find other handy tips and free questionnaires to test your knowledge.

Still stuck? All the context, terminology, key quotes, character analysis and themes you need are in the York Notes Study Guide.

Whether you’re struggling with Frankenstein’s monster, or looking for context on The Great Gatsby, we have it all in one neat handy guide or digital bundle – which comes with a mobile app for the on-the-go readers among you.

So prepare to succeed! And keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook sites for more updates and context on your GCSE and A Level English Literature texts.


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