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Our unique Practice Test books are available for AQA and all other exam boards. They feature two full practice test papers, with annotated sample answers that students can use to get to grips with the type of questions they’ll be asked, the answers they’ll need to provide and the skills examiners are looking for.

Empower your students to practise, test themselves and feel their abilities flourish as they prepare to pass with confidence.

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There’s no better way to test your students’ knowledge, help them write great answers or get them ready for their exam than by practising with a York Notes Workbook for English Language and Literature.

Help your students practise and hone their abilities, test their progress and boost their knowledge. Packed with over 60 pages of exercises, tests and tasks on a range of key skills like reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar they provide essential support for your students and will add variety and interest to your lessons.

Available for AQA and all other boards.

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