Our brand new range of English study, revision and practice books for pupils aged 7 to 11.

Help your Key Stage 2 pupils practise, revise and get great results in their SATs – the York Notes way!


Expertly designed to make learning, practice and revision fun and effective, our new range of books for KS2 pupils in Years 3 to 6, covers all aspects of the English SATs papers.

Download our parents’ guide to helping children prepare for the KS2 SATs.


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Download our parents’ guide to what children can expect in the KS2 SATs.


Help your students learn, practise and master every key skill they’ll need to succeed in their SATs.

With our Complete Revision & Test Practice book children will unlock all the requirements of the KS2 English test papers, whilst our Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Study Guide will help them build on their strengths in these vital skills.

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Specially written to help KS2 children quickly get to grips with grammar, punctuation spelling and reading, these unique catch-up books provide the extra help they need to get ahead and get results.

Taking children right back to basics, these bright, positive and gently encouraging guides take them step-by-step through all the key skills, techniques and disciplines that will maximise their potential.

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These bright and easy to use write-in workbooks make it simple and fun for KS2 children to recap, revisit and reinforce what they’ve learned about grammar, punctuation and spelling.

An engaging array of targeted exercises allow Year 5 and Year 6 children to test their understanding, practise their skills, cement knowledge and feel confident about their ability to achieve and succeed.

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With their flexible and progressive approach, our unique 3-Step Test Booster books will help children test their grammar, punctuation, spelling and reading skills whilst efficiently and effectively preparing them for their SATs.

The 10-minute tests are perfect for getting them used to answering SATs-style questions. The longer ones will build their stamina and give them plenty of practice in putting their skills to the test.

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