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A Doll's House: A Level York Notes

Henrik Ibsen

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NEW York Notes for A Level: A Doll’s House give you everything you need to achieve your full potential in your exam, whether you are studying for an A Level or AS. Updated for Assessment Objectives 1 to 5, you’ll find expert guidance on all the key skills, an enhanced exam section and the most in-depth analysis of the text. New features include focused tasks to develop your understanding and shape your own interpretations, plus regular study tips, revision questions and progress checks to track your learning. Find detailed analysis of every chapter, all the key characters from Nora Helmer to Christine Linde, and help with themes such as death, disease and heredity. Plus, extract analysis, contexts and criticism – all helping you to get the best grade you can!

NEW QUIZ in the York Notes Plus online edition – test yourself on all the key areas with lifelines and other interactive features!

Prepare for success with NEW York Notes for A Level: A Doll's House!

York Notes for A Level: A Doll’s House includes features to help you achieve top grades, including extract analysis of key passages, to add extra in-depth information and also to demonstrate how to approach detailed analysis, a key skill in your exam. Students who can demonstrate this depth of understanding, linking out to contexts and critical interpretations, in their exam responses to A Doll’s House questions are likely to achieve a higher grade than those who comment on the novel in general terms. You might be asked, for example, to explain why Ibsen was obliged to write a different ending for the play in which Nora stays for the sake of the children, or to discuss the different views that characters hold on social responsibility, or to discuss how each act may have ended if the central figure was either Krogstad or Mrs Linde, rather than Nora. 

When you buy the online version of A Doll’s House A Level Revision Guide you’ll also benefit from revision podcasts from educational experts who provide extra insights into the text, discussing what makes the text great and picking out key contextual and critical ideas, all helping you to form your own interpretations and write an answer that meets examiners’ expectations of top grade students.

Our bestselling print study guide on A Doll's House: A Level

Updated for the new A Level curriculum (first exams AS 2016; A Level 2017), York Notes provide everything you need to achieve your full potential, and get the best grade you can.

The new York Notes for A Level on A Doll’s House is comprehensive, easy to use and will help you achieve the best possible grade. Written by A Level examiners and teachers to give you an expert understanding of the text and the exam, they include:

  • An enhanced exam skills section with three sample answers to common exam-style questions on A Doll’s House
  • Up-to-date Assessment Objectives
  • Expert advice on understanding the question
  • Essential analysis of Genre, Structure and Language in A Doll’s House
  • Detailed help with Contexts and Critical Interpretations

Everything you need to know to help you learn, revise effectively and write the very best answers when studying A Doll’s House for your A Level or AS English Literature.

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Pub DateJuly 2016
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