Top 10 An Inspector Calls teacher resources


An Inspector Calls is the most popular modern text choice for GCSE Literature. We know that good-quality online materials are valuable and time-saving resources, but finding them can be time-consuming! So we’ve scoured the web for some top links to save you time and help you and your students get the most out of the play.


1. York Notes Teachers' pages

Check out our York Notes Teachers’ pages where you’ll find a range of free materials, including our popular Intro Packs, ideal for Years 9 through to 11.


2. Audible

If your students prefer to listen to texts rather than read them, Audible currently has a theatrelike production of An Inspector Calls which can be listened to as part of a subscription or a free trial.


3. The National Theatre

The National Theatre’s production of An Inspector Calls was met with critical acclaim. On this dedicated site, you’ll find a teacher pack and interactive video workshops to really bring the play to life.


4. The J. B. Priestley Society

The J. B. Priestley Society website has a fascinating article on An Inspector Calls, which was the basis of a literature festival talk. This intriguing discussion on the enduring appeal of this famous text offers great insights to your students.


5. The British Library

The British Library has a fantastic range of resources and articles on their website for An Inspector Calls, as well as J. B. Priestley’s original programme notes and scrapbook.


6. An Inspector Calls TV production

The wonderful TV production of An Inspector Calls, created and broadcast by the BBC in 2015 and starring David Thewlis, has been
brought back onto iPlayer, so your students can watch the play come to life in the classroom or at home.


7. The Guardian article

An Inspector Calls was J. B. Priestley’s first postwar play, but did you know that the play premiered in Leningrad, Russia? In this Guardian article, Valerie Grove explores the playwright’s Russian journey with fascinating insights into his family life.


8. The National Archives

Want to know more about Priestley’s wartime experience and how it shaped his social conscience? This video from the National Archives shines a light on the context of the author and how to link it to the play.


9. Exam boards

Whichever exam board you’re with for An Inspector Calls, you’ll find useful resources on their website for you and your students. We’ve collated some links to past papers for your quick access!



10. Digital Study Guide

Look no further than our unique interactive Digital Study Guide for An Inspector Calls to support your students through their course and assessments, in class and at home. Featuring videos, quizzes, free revision cards and much more!