Top 10 English resources for you and your students

By Helen McKinder


We know that finding good quality online materials can be a time-consuming task but one that is ultimately time-saving and reaps rewards! We've curated the list below to help you discover a range of top resources you can use to engage and inspire your students in the classroom and at home.  

1. Check out the Teacher area of our York Notes website for free materials including introductory and assessment packs, 'Change it up!' English Language materials, videos, blogs and lots more!

2. The British Library has a fantastic range of articles on the contexts of key works and genres. Find notes on Dickens, Shakespeare, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and more in their literature and teaching resources sections.

3. The Poetry Foundation holds a large library of poems for your students to explore while The Children's Poetry Archive has a dedicated teachers’ area with suggestions for lively and engaging ways of working with poetry.

4. Help your students study the bard remotely with Shakespeare's Words, the online version of David and Ben Crystal's glossary and language companion. Find every play glossed with 20 free page views.

5. Check out the Shakespeare's Globe YouTube channel where previous productions are regularly streamed. The Royal Shakespeare Company also has a learning zone with videos and resources.

6. The National Theatre now has a large selection of their productions online, including Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Frankenstein, Jane Eyre and A Streetcar Named Desire

7. Explore the Old Vic Theatre’s education hub which has a range of resources, from Behind the Scenes to Teacher Resource Packs, including the 2020 production of A Christmas Carol.

8. If your students find it easier to listen to their texts aloud, check out Audible’s Discover Library where titles such as Jane Eyre, The Tempest and The Canterbury Tales are free to access.

9. Discover the BBC’s archive of free videos delving into topics from GCSE Literature and Language, from Shakespeare to creative writing.

10. And finally! Check out the J. B. Priestley Society for lots of interesting information, including a fascinating article on An Inspector Calls and its enduring appeal.


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