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Dubliners: Advanced York Notes

James Joyce

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Everything you need to know about Dubliners to succeed in your A Level or undergraduate studies.

Whether you’re an A Level student or an undergraduate, York Notes Advanced provide everything you need to know about Joyce’s tales of ordinary Dubliners struggling with social decline, corruption and personal failure. From detailed summaries of each story to analysis of key themes such as ‘Paralysis’ and ‘Dublin’, these Notes will enable you to reach a sophisticated understanding of the text and develop your own critical ideas. You’ll also find in-depth exploration of imagery, style and narrative techniques such as stream of consciousness, as well as overviews of key critical responses and relevant contexts.

Our bestselling print study guide on Dubliners: Advanced

York Notes Advanced are the ultimate guides to English Literature, whether you’re an A Level student or undergraduate.

York Notes Advanced offer a fresh and accessible approach to English Literature. This market-leading series has been specially designed to meet the needs of today’s A Level and undergraduate students. Written by established literature experts, York Notes give you everything you need for an in-depth study of the text. They include:

  • Summaries with detailed commentaries
  • Extended textual analysis of key passages
  • Discussion of key themes and literary techniques
  • Modern and historical critical approaches
  • Chronology and further reading
  • Glossary of literary terms

Unlock the world’s greatest literary texts with York Notes Advanced.

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Pub DateApril 1998
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