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Alfred Tennyson, Selected Poems: Advanced York Notes

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Everything you need to know about Tennyson’s poetry to succeed in your A Level or undergraduate studies.

York Notes Advanced: Alfred Tennyson, Selected Poems provide the widest coverage and most in-depth analysis of a range of Tennyson’s poems, including ‘In Memoriam A. H. H.’ and ‘Maud. A Melodrama’. Each poem is explored in detail and you’ll also find extended commentaries on key works and analysis of overarching themes such as ‘Nature’, ‘Politics’ and ‘The Past’. Explorations of language, poetic form and style, as well as discussions of relevant contexts and key critical responses will enable you to develop your own critical ideas and to write confidently about the poems.

Revise Alfred Tennyson, Selected Poems and get the best A Level grade you can

Making it easy to learn and understand the poetry of Alfred Tennyson, your York Notes Advanced Study Guide is an indispensable study aid and can help you achieve the best marks for your A level English Literature exam answers or undergraduate essays.

To gain the very best grades you’ll need to show A Level examiners that you have read, understood and can write about – with suitable quotes – various topics and aspects relating to selected poems of Alfred Tennyson. You might be asked, for example, to describe how and why Tennyson’s later poetry (post-1850) differed from his earlier works, the extent to which you feel scientific advances in Tennyson’s time influenced his poetry or to discuss the effectiveness of the linguistic devices that he uses to evoke atmosphere in ‘Mariana’.

Alfred Tennyson, Selected Poems: Advanced from York Notes will give you the information, guidance and critical skills you need to effectively appraise and comment upon the poems of Alfred Tennyson, enabling you to craft the expert answers and essays that will help you to achieve the highest grade in your English Literature A Level examination.


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