Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: Workbook York Notes GCSE Revision Guide

GCSE Workbook

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: Workbook York Notes

Elizabeth Walter and Kate Woodford

Printed Edition

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  • A4 paperback edition with write-in spaces to plan and write your answers
  • Use the dedicated sections on spelling, punctuation and grammar to test yourself and sharpen your skills
  • Focus your revision where it’s most needed using the mixture of quick tests and longer ‘Test your understanding’ tasks
  • Monitor your progress using the ‘SPaG Check’ at the beginning and the ‘Progress Booster’ section at the end
  • Feel confident and prepared by completing the final exam-style ‘Practice task’, with sample answers at different levels to show you what to aim for
  • Learn, practise and pass with York Notes Workbooks and achieve your potential in your English Language and Literature GCSE

Build your skills, boost your knowledge and feel exam-ready

For the first time, York Notes bring you a Workbook to help you improve your spelling, punctuation and grammar skills for the whole of your English Language and English Literature GCSE 9-1 courses.

Practise all the key SPaG skills you need, from spelling strategies to effective punctuation and selecting vocabulary for impact.

Check your understanding at the end of every section.

Use the 'Progress Booster' to test yourself, with exam-style tasks and sample answers.

To feel properly prepared for success, use this Workbook alongside the York Notes Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar Revision and Exam Practice Guide.

Print Edition information: Paperback, 64 pages, ISBN 9781292186375

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