York Notes for AQA GCSE (9-1) - Rapid Revision Cards: Macbeth York Notes GCSE Revision Guide

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York Notes for AQA GCSE (9-1) - Rapid Revision Cards: Macbeth York Notes

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  • Full colour revision cards
  • Easy to read bullet points to help you understand and write about Macbeth
  • Dedicated sections on Characters, Form, Structure and language and Themes and contexts to help you get to grips with key techniques
  • Question and answer revision cards to test your knowledge in a flash
  • Colourful ideas maps and quick quizzes to encourage focused, active revision 
  • Practice questions and fully annotated sample answers at different levels to give you full coverage of every aspect of the exam
  • Complete answer keys will help you measure your progress at every step
  • Comprehensive How to use section allows you to tailor your revision from one-hour to five-minute sessions
  • Last-minute revision cards for speedy, effective revision

Get up to speed with York Notes Rapid Revision Cards: Macbeth

York Notes for AQA GCSE (9-1) Rapid Revision Cards: Macbeth is an essential revision aid allowing you to build your understanding of Shakespeare's classic tragedy. Find within these compact cards, focused analysis, key information and plenty of opportunity to put your knowledge to the test.  

In order to impress an examiner you are likely to need to demonstrate understanding of key quotations on aspects of the play such as plot, settings and contexts, characters and themes. The Rapid Revision cards will encourage you to actively learn these key quotes by providing fill-in-the blanks activities to test yourself. Think more deeply sections appear frequently and invite you to answer questions such as: What positive characteristics does Macbeth show in Act I? With quick quizzes, key questions and try for yourself Think sections, these cards encourage you to practise the skills you've been learning. 

With the York Notes for AQA GCSE (9-1) Rapid Revision Cards: Macbeth you'll have everything you need, including Grade 5 and Grade 7+ annotated sample answers and practice questions on character and theme, alongside help planning your response, to attain the highest grade that you can.  

Print Edition information: 60 pages, ISBN 9781292273631

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