The Merchant of Venice (Grades 9–1) York Notes GCSE Revision Guide

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The Merchant of Venice (Grades 9–1) York Notes

William Shakespeare

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NEW for GCSE (Grades 9–1)! Everything you need to know about The Merchant of Venice to succeed in your GCSE Literature exam.

NEW York Notes for GCSE: The Merchant of Venice gives you everything you need to know about William Shakespeare’s popular play, whether you’re studying the text or revising for your exam. We have added exciting new features such as regular extracts from student answers, tips to help you aim high and more ‘test yourself’ activities! Plus, all the detailed content you expect from York Notes – section summaries, notes on key characters including Antonio, Portia and Shylock, help with Form, Language, Structure, Contexts and Settings and a new Themes section with extra references. You’ll also find an extended exam section which includes sample answers at three different levels, plus expert advice on understanding the question and planning your answer, and tips on spelling, punctuation and grammar – all helping you to prepare for exam success!

Prepare for success with York Notes for GCSE: The Merchant of Venice!

Using York Notes’ GCSE Study Notes and Revision Guide to The Merchant of Venice will equip you with the skills, knowledge and understanding of William Shakespeare’s play needed to write high-scoring examination answers and essays.

GCSE English Literature examiners will award the highest marks for answers which demonstrate an understanding, supported by relevant quotations from the text, of aspects of the play including the events, characters, themes and historical context. You might be asked, for example, to refer in depth to main and minor events and how they contribute to the development of the plot, or explain how Shakespeare has carefully ordered or revealed events for particular effects or to analyse in detail the way themes are developed and presented across the play. York Notes’ The Merchant of Venice study guide is designed to help you maximise your revision by providing detailed analyses of the text and key elements, useful contextual and background information and tools including sample exam questions and answers, essay plans and revision tips, equipping you with everything you need to gain the highest grade you can in your GCSE English exam.

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Our bestselling print study guide on The Merchant of Venice

Updated for the new GCSE (Grades 9–1), York Notes provide everything you need to achieve your full potential, and get the best grade you can.

NEW York Notes for GCSE are fully tailored to the new GCSE exams. If you're studying The Merchant of Venice for your English Literature GCSE and are sitting your exam in 2017 or beyond, this is the study guide for you! York Notes The Merchant of Venice revision guide will help you reach your full potential. Written by GCSE examiners and teachers to give you an expert understanding of the text and the exam, they include:

  • annotated sample answers and extracts
  • test yourself questions and progress checks
  • essay plans
  • specialist guidance on understanding exam questions, together with key quotations, practice tasks, top tips and progress boosters
  • revision activities and checkpoints

Everything you need to help you learn, revise effectively and write the very best answers in your The Merchant of Venice English Literature GCSE (Grades 9–1).

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Pub DateMarch 2018
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