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Writing Skills: Revision and Exam Practice York Notes

Mike Gould

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Suitable for AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas and OCR GCSE 9–1

To achieve top grades in English Language and Literature, you need to be confident in your writing skills. Suitable for all exam boards and abilities, this guide will help you to master the core skills, write brilliant essays and face your exams with confidence. 

Learn every essential skill – Use each section to learn and revise key writing skills, from writing about fiction and non-fiction extracts to planning and writing your exam answers. With key definitions, examples from typical Language and Literature tasks, regular tests and ‘Top tips’ for improvement, you will feel confident you have covered all bases.

Stay focused and save time – Use the mix of short and longer tasks to practise your skills and vary your revision. The targeted ‘Aiming high’ tips will to help you to perfect your techniques and write the very best answers you can. 

Check your progress – Use the regular ‘Applying the skills’ tasks and ‘Progress check’ bullets to monitor what you have achieved. Use the full answer key provided to assess your improvement.

Feel ready for the exam – Regular quick tests and longer exam-style tasks with sample answers show the level to aim for.


NEW! Writing Skills: Revision and Exam Practice

For the first time, York Notes bring you a Revision and Exam Practice guide to help you improve your writing skills for the whole of your English Language and English Literature GCSE 9-1 courses:

  • Learn key writing skills, from planning a response to choosing quotations and synthesising information.
  • Find advice on every question, and learn how to apply writing skills in the exam.
  • All the Assessment Objectives explained, and help and advice relevant for your exam, whether you're studying AQA. Edexcel, Eduqas or OCR.
  • Practise and perfect your skills with regular writing tasks in the style of those encountered in the GCSE English Language and English Literature exams.

To power-up your Language & Literature practice, combine this guide with the York Notes Reading Skills Revision and Exam Practice Guide.

York Notes Writing Skills: Revision and Exam Practice GCSE Book Cover
Pub DateAugust 2017
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