Lord of the Flies: AQA Rapid Revision Cards (Grades 9-1) York Notes GCSE Revision Guide

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Lord of the Flies: AQA Rapid Revision Cards (Grades 9-1) York Notes

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  • Quickly polish up your knowledge and dust off all your skills with this handy pack of revision cards
  • Understand in a flash with easy to read bullet points
  • Rapidly review and refresh every important topic, theme and key quotation
  • Get your brain back in gear with catch-up questions and instant answers
  • Turbo charge your catch-up and revision sessions with our How to use section
  • Actively revise with colourful ideas maps and quick quizzes
  • Easily measure your progress at every step with complete answer keys
  • 55 full colour revision cards

Refresh, revise and catch up with York Notes Rapid Revision Cards: Lord of the Flies!

Whether you want a super-speedy refresher, a quick and easy way to get into the text for the first time, or an exciting new way to revise, the 55 cards in this pocket-sized pack are brimming with everything you need to plan, practise and perfect your study of William Golding's dystopian classic.

In no time at all, you can whizz through all the essential info you need to quickly and efficiently refresh your knowledge and catch up. Characters and quotations, plots and contexts, themes and language – it’s all here. Think more deeply sections invite you to answer questions such as: How does Golding show Jack being overtaken by savagery? We’ve even included powerful quick-fire tips and practice cards to engage your brain and get your skills back up to scratch as quickly as possible.

York Notes are the experts in English Literature, so if you’re looking for THE ultimate smart, fast and highly effective way to get ahead with William Golding's The Lord of the Flies, then these clever cards are all you need.

Print Edition information: 55 cards, ISBN 9781292273679

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