Catch Up Reading York Notes KS2 Revision Guide

A unique step-by-step approach to learning all the skills:

* Friendly chapter titles like 'Check out Word Meanings!' and 'Check out Inferences!'

* Each topic broken down into bite-size chunks

* A 'Quick Quiz' after every subject area

* Progress logs for every section

* Full answer key


* Starter chapters 'Get to Know SATs Questions!' and 'Practise Your Reading Skills'  make sure that children are familiar with the basics.

* Regular 'Now you try it!' features to practise every skill before moving on to the next one.

* 'Practise again!' to consolidate learning and boost confidence.

* Clear signposting and colourful artwork to make learning easy and fun!


To feel properly prepared for SATs success, use this book alongside York Notes Primary KS2 Catch Up Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, and check out the other titles in our KS2 range!

Maximise potential and boost confidence with York Notes - the experts in English.

Step up to SATs success

Sometimes we all needs a little extra support to get ahead and this unique KS2 English Catch Up Study Guide has been specially written to help children quickly get to grips with reading and prepare them for success in their SATs.

Get up to speed

Taking children right back to basics, this book guides them step-by-step through all the key skills, techniques and disciplines that will maximise their potential. And with plenty of helpful hints and tips, friendly expert guidance and fun quizzes, they'll soon be feeling proud of their progress and back on track.

Build skills and confidence

This bright, positive and gently encouraging guide will support and nurture children as they practise and build their reading and test skills. Growing in knowledge and confidence as they go, they can track their progress throughout and will finish feeling ready to take on the test and achieve their very best.

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