New study guides for Primary school children

Whether your child needs a boost to their learning or help with homework, the new range of York Notes study guides supporting the Primary curriculum can help.

The school year always seems to fly by and this year is no exception. With the Summer Term just around the corner, it’s a good time for parents and teachers alike to pause and reflect on how their children and students are getting on.

For children who are already meeting expectations for their year group, how can their skills and knowledge be developed further to achieve mastery? For children who are not quite working at the expected level, what support can be put in place now to ensure that they meet expectations by the end of July? For parents and teachers of children in Year 6, these questions will be even more pressing, with SATs looming in May. Whatever level a child is currently working at, there’s still plenty of time to consolidate and extend those core skills to ensure their learning at the start of the next academic year is built on solid foundations.

The new York Notes Primary range offers targeted support to help children in Key Stage 2 (that’s Years 3, 4, 5 and 6) develop their Reading skills and their knowledge of Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling – now a key part of the Primary English curriculum.


Children who need a helping hand to achieve the expected standard in these areas will benefit from the distinctive step-by-step approach of the Catch Up series, comprising Catch Up Reading and Catch Up Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. These books guide children through a carefully selected series of tasks to build confidence and proficiency in reading comprehension and in the technical aspects of the English curriculum. With clear instructions, simple practice tasks and regular assessment throughout the books, these accessible study guides can be used with your child at home and as the basis for intervention in the classroom. The format of the activities in the Catch Up series has been devised by Primary teachers to ensure each child gets all the support they need to suceed.



Meanwhile, the Complete Revision & Test Practice and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling study guides are more suitable for children who need to consolidate their existing skills and knowledge, or even move on to more complex concepts. Each section in these books includes clear explanations of different skills and themes, handy hints and plenty of opportunity to practise what the child has learnt.



And for those children ready to start focusing on improving their test stamina and assessing their understanding, 3-Step Test Booster Reading and 3-Step Test Booster Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling allow them to apply their knowledge in progressive 10-, 20- and 30-minute tests. Children in Years 5 and 6 will also benefit from the Targeted Skills & Test Practice titles (Year 5; Year 6), which have been designed specifically to support the curriculum in these year groups and bring together the children’s learning from the year.



With a study guide from the York Notes Primary range, you can start moving your child’s learning forward today.