Complete Revision & Test Practice York Notes KS2 Revision Guide
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Maximise potential and boost confidence with York Notes - the experts in English.

Boost confidence and encourage results

Easy to use, bright and friendly, this engaging guide will support and nurture children's learning as they prepare for their KS2 SATs on grammar, punctuation, spelling and reading. It'll help them build their resilience and stamina, test and track their proress and gently motivate them to achieve their very best.

Stay on track and keep focused

Use this guide to unlock all the requirements of the KS2 English test papers. Its unique learning and revision features expertly support what children are learning in class so they can quickly get ahead in the vital areas of grammar, punctuation, spelling and reading.

Build and test essential skills and knowledge

Using an appealing array of SATs-style tests, including a FULL practice paper, combined with fun exercises and activities, children can practise their skills, improve their knowledge and hone their abilities in readiness for the tests.

Our bestselling print study guide on Complete Revision & Test Practice

Everything you need to succeed in the National Tests:

* Every Reading content domain covered, from finding information and making inferences to explaining structure and language choices

* Every Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling area explained and tested

* 'SATs Practice' at the end of every section 

* Full-length York Notes SATs Practice Paper, with fiction and non-fiction texts and a full range of grammar, punctuation and spelling questions

* Expert answer key and Progress logs on every page

* Free link to download Spelling test audio and PDF files


* 'What's it all about?' pages explain simply and clearly how each SATs paper works and what children need to know

* Sample questions and answers to show as well as tell

* 'Get it right!' features break down the key skills and give lots of useful hints and tips


For even more SATs practice, use this book alongside York Notes Primary KS2 3-Step Test Booster Reading and 3-Step Test Booster Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling!

York Notes Complete Revision & Test Practice KS2 Book Cover
Pub DateMarch 2018
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